What do we believe

God sent His son Jesus Christ as a man to Earth to draw us back to Himself and take our sin(i.e. what separates us from God)  upon Himself. Since then it has been possible for every individual person to have a personal relationship with God who turns to Him accepting Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross of Golgotha by faith.

The Holy Spirit is given to us as a companion, teacher and aid to make it possible for people to be renewed and sanctified, making them whole again – spirit, soul and body. He also gives gifts. Every Christian has the privilege and responsibility of being an “ambassador in Christ’s place”. God does miracles. He works in the life of everyone who trusts Him, so confirming His word in a “supernatural” way.

It is Jesus whom we love with our whole hearts and whom we follow. As we understand it, He has welcomed us into God’s family so we see ourselves as a family and want to function as such.

Our Vision

Lives changed by the power of the cross and resurrection.