Who we are

We are a “people church”, made up of individuals who have come to value the invitation that they have received from God that has brought them into relationship with Him and others. The essence of their journey is that they live drawing from the benefits of a covenant someone else put into place for them. That manifests gratitude in every individual’s life so they do not merely look out for their own personal interests but also for the interests of others.

We are also a group of people where each one has a personal story and each one is on a journey valuing many things: welcome instead of inclusion, compassion instead of hatred, a family instead of individuality, grace instead of judgment, service instead of selfishness, love instead of fear. We are known for what we stand for rather than what we are against. We live a life of discovery rather than solely exercising religious forms to seek security.

These values that each person has discovered personally in God’s love for him or herself generate a desire to give them corporate expression. Life flows out of that expression.